A New Britney Song Titled “It’s Not Enough” Has Come To Light

April 2, 2018 By Jordan Miller

A new/never-before-heard Britney track titled “It’s Not Enough” was…

Pop emergency! A new/never-before-heard Britney track titled “It’s Not Enough” was recently registered on music publishing site BMI.

This is not an April Fools joke (it’s April 2nd anyway, and also sorry about the Xtina debacle heh). A song we believe is new has made itself known.

What’s going on? Fans noticed two tracks were officially registered on music rights management site BMI. BMI bridges the gap between songwriters and the businesses and organizations that want to play artists’ music publicly.

The two songs in question are “What You Want” and “It’s Not Enough.”

See what Exhale is saying about this.



The Britney Army has reason to believe “What You Want” is Glory track “What You Need.” It lists the same exact writers (Britney, Carla Marie Williams, Simon Smith and Tramaine Winfrey) and the name is fairly obvious. So, let’s assume “What You Want” is not new, however… “It’s Not Enough” deserves a closer look. The listed writer is a man named Adam Keith Soskin, an executive music producer and A&R for several major labels. It’s worth mentioning Soskin already follows BreatheHeavy on Twitter (he’s onto us heeey).

I couldn’t verify this, but fans claim Soskin helped craft Zara Larsson’s massive hit single “Ain’t My Fault.” 

Britney recently revealed she isn’t sure when her new music drops, which is high-key depressing, BUT it does confirm that something is in the pipeline and that’s extremely exciting.



There’s several things you can take away from knowing about the existence of “It’s Not Enough.” Either it’s a track recorded for a previous era and therefore will never see the light of day, or it’s a track that was recorded for B10. The latter is obviously better, but both are good news! Because it’s better than no song at all.

Keep “It’s Not Enough” in your prayers, fam.

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