I think it is very selfish and childish of Britney to say she is getting a c-section. If she were so concerned about the pain of giving birth, she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place. Sounds to me like she just cant take the fact that it is going to hurt and if she has the baby vaginally, her hips will widen. I had my daughter vaginally and yes, my hips widened, but Im still 116 pounds and 5’7. It’s really pathetic that she worries about her image like that when she needs to be thinking about the safest route to deliver her child. Women have been going through child birth since the beginning of time. I feel that she shouldnt be given special treatment to decide what method her child will be born. She should have thought about the pain before she even thought about getting pregnant. She needs to get over it and buck up. It is painful, but just like all the other millions of women who give birth, she can do it too. You can’t let other womens’ horror stories of birth scare you off. Especially your mothers’. Sure, it might have been excruciatingly horrible pain, but in the end, you get through it, and have a beautiful new baby.

Credit: Amber Allen

I have to agree with this woman.

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