If you name your club that, expect to be called a mess. Not because you’re gay, but because it’s spelled gay in big capital letters. Actually, not even that, but because it has dashes in between the letters.

B-R-E-A-T-H-E-H-E-A-V-Y. Nope, don’t like it.

Britney was apparently supposed to take the stage at G-A-Y nightclub in London this evening after a source told The Sun Britney would perform, but according to new reports, she backed out. As a result, the press is throwing words around like “disastrous,” and “fallen,” just to illustrate their dramatic point. Hey! They sound like me!


“Pop star, Britney Spears has had another set back on her way towards her comeback. After a disastrous performance on the UK TV show, X Factor, Spears was scheduled to appear at a popular London nightclub but was a no show.

Hundred of fans of the fallen pop princess lined up for hours just to get a glimpse of the singer, but were told at the door that she’d canceled at the last minute without giving reason.

The nightclub was honouring Spears’ 10 year anniversary in the industry.”

If by disastrous they meant amazing, then I agree!

But according to BreatheHeavy member Kully, who attended G-A-Y nightclub tonight, Britney did in fact show up! Just never made it on stage, saying:


“Firstly they mislead people into thinking they could get in, when we got there, they said only members are allowed in, I was quite upset with that. But after about half an hour of waiting near tears, we were let in… It was supposed to be Britney night and it wasn’t until hours later they played a Britney song, 4 altogether, nothing special, old songs.

Finally, they cleared the stage of a few..ok lots of random dancers and we knew she was there. The crowd went nuts, Larry came out… my heart was beating. She was so close. Unfortunately, the people at the front of the crowd were crushed. The management and security did absolutely nothing. I was literally being squashed from every angle I couldn’t breathe at one point, I was terrified. It may sound like an over exaggeration, but from where I was, right at the front, we were actually being crushed. Very dangerous. A few people passed out and were pulled out the crowd. They said she wasn’t coming out yet, so we waited longer, eventually it was announced she wasn’t coming out at all due to health and safety. Just too many people.

It seemed as though she had every intention of performing and I went to every effort to see her, but it was a major **** up for Heaven and G-A-Y. They should have limited the number of people allowed in that room.”

Another day another drama! (“Blackout” music era is over, I get it. But I miss it – so I shall keep snagging catchy phrases.) OH and for the record, Britney was never confirmed for this event. The fact that these club-goers were in 30 feet of her amazingness should be enough.

Stay tuned for the ****-show of backlash and negative media reports!

UPDATE: Click READ MORE for more testimonials of tonight’s mess of an event.

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