Ryan Murphy wants Lady Gaga back for season six, but it has to work around her busy schedule.

A Lady Gaga Tour Is Definitely In The Works

She lives for the applause.

Lady Gaga is currently crafting her fifth studio album (and possibly a Cheek To Cheek follow-up with Tony Bennett), and though it’s still too early to tell what direction she’s going, we do know she’ll go on tour to promote it.

Ryan Murphy is The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest feature, and in a video interview for the story, Murphy admits wanting Gaga back for the sixth season of American Horror Story, but has to work around her album and touring schedule.

“I really think she’s the artist of her generation,” Murphy says. “I think that she can do everything. She pushes boundaries and I push boundaries which tends to piss a lot of people off. We have talked about the next season. She’s working on her album and she has a tour. So we’re trying to figure that out, but I have my fingers crossed because I have a great role for her next year that she likes.”

As for Gaga, she won’t confirm or deny. She does, however, speak highly of Murphy in her contribution for the piece.

“Through my career, even after Grammys and tons of accolades and awards, I’m still a blond with **** and an ***,” Gaga says, “and there’s like some inability for people to take me seriously, and Ryan is not that way… Ryan’s like, ‘you’re an old movie star, come sit next to me, let me brush your hair, let’s talk about your career.'”

She added, “I know it shouldn’t matter that he’s gay but for what it’s worth I have very special relationships with my gay friends – it’s a whole other thing. It’s a wise feminine connection that extends beyond ***. It’s more about admiring each other as people. So he’s certainly a creative soulmate for me and I just can’t even believe he’s in my life.”

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