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I Just wanted to put something in about the release of Britney &
Kevin:Chaotic… I Am a HUGE Britney fan since day 1, which had me waiting
for the DVD at Wal-mart Midnight, Everything with Britney; i camp out
for it i gotta have it now! but the DVD was not put togeather well at
all, they left out SO MUCH footage from the television Broadcast! alot of
the funny parts, like when she was holding her nose up in the night
vision, And also when she Got kevin in the shower, And they shortened The
sequence at the end of Episode 4 “Magic Happens” when shes picking
flowers by the fountain and an “Everytime” Remix is the background music…
They also kept in the “Take a peek at next week” and the commercial
break Previews. The “Someday (I will understand)” video is on there
twice??? I’m loveing the UNCENSORED extra’s as well… Ya they can swear in
the deleated scenes, But the show has Faces And All bad launguage
Censored??? It bugged me cause i waited so long to get this uncensored REAL
Britney Documentery and stood in wal-mart forever, Has this Confused
Anyone Else? aren’t you just asking yourself why this DVD is kinda

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