Dive Into The Abyss: Sky Ferreira Drops “Downhill Lullaby”

March 27, 2019 By Jordan Miller

Sky has reemerged.

Six long years have passed since Sky’s 2013 album, Night Time, My Time, but her new music has finally arrived.

The new tune is titled “Downhill Lullaby,” an ominous offering that’s inspired by one of Sky’s eerie fears: deep, murky lakes.

“Lakes kind of terrify me,” she tells Pitchfork. “In a lake, by yourself, you look at the bottom and it’s murky and still and you can’t really see anything or feel anything—and if you do, it’s f—ing terrifying. It always feels like something will grab you and pull you under.”

If the Loch Ness monster had a theme song, it’s “Downhill Lullaby.”

The water terror doesn’t end there. Sky likens the track to an iconic scene in Fantasia – when Mickey Mouse harnesses his magic. “You know how all the brooms are making a gigantic mess and the water starts rising and rising and rising and rising?” she says. “It was sort of like that: Magical, but at the same time, ‘What is going on?’ And then cleaning it all up.”

“Downhill Lullaby,” produced by Dean Hurley and Jorge Elbrecht, is a moody, left-field cut that’ll transform over time. Listen deep below: