This is not a drill: New Rihanna music!

A Clip Of Rihanna's "A Night" Used In Dior Campaign

A clip of a new Rihanna song sampling Florence + The Machine is used in Dior’s latest campaign.

Rihanna serves face during her promotional shoot for Dior, but it’s the new “R8” song sampling Florence + The Machine”s “Only If For A Night” that really caught our attention.

Florence Welch said a few months ago Rihanna asked for her permission to sample the “Ceremonials” song for her new #R8 song appropriately titled “A Night.”

“I was so thrilled, because I’m such a huge fan… she sent me the song and I said ‘of course,’ but we’ve never actually managed to speak in person about it. We got to like hug it out.”

There’s no audible words in the track thus far, but it’s already an interesting direction for Rihanna. It shows us how diverse the Barbados singer’s album is thus far; her lead single, “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Paul McCartney and Kanye West, sounds nothing like “***** Betta Have My Money,” and that latest release is vastly different from “A Night.”

“I love it when stuff like that happens,” Florence continues. “When people reimagine your music. I love when it has different forms.”

Take a listen to it below:

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