The “Pete” interlude is a choice.


Ariana Grande’s Sweetener  tracklist revealed.


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Ariana’s new album is officially available for pre-order. The tracklist is also available for your viewing pleasure.

As the headline suggests, it features Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj and Pharrell. It premieres August 17.

It’s also worth mentioning she has an interlude named after her boyfriend Pete. A choice.

While I’ve got you, watch Ari and Nicki’s new video for “The Light Is Coming” here.

Sweetener tracklist:

1. Raindrops
2. Blazed (ft. Pharrell) 
3. The Light Is Coming (ft. Nicki Minaj) 
4. REM
5. God Is A Woman
6. Sweetener
7. Successful
8. Everytime
9. Breathin
10. No Tears Left To Cry
11. Borderline  (ft. Missy Elliott) 
12. Better Off
13. Goodnight n Go
14. Pete
15. Get Well Soon



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Finally! Ariana created a unique account on Instagram to reveal the album art. She had three more squares to go to complete it, but according to stan Twitter (never wrong), a glitch on iTunes accidentally shared the entire thing (see below).

Arianators were under the impression her photo would be upside down (she began uploading its contents that way), but fortunately it’s only the title that’s getting the “No Tears Left To Cry” promo-style treatment. It’s nice, but I’m underwhelmed.

The first is supposedly the real deal. The covers after are merely for your amusement.


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