Everyone has taken notice of Britney’s recent hot new bod. It started with the snaps of Britney in a red bikini smoking outside her balcony in her Studio City Home (we’ll pretend the Seanny fiasco never happened), followed by the **** shots of Britney at the beach and in the pool in Cabo San Lucas this week. But her slim-down treatment doesn’t come cheap!

According to the Daily Mail, Britney spends nearly $8,000 on a nutritionist and diet supplements, more than $6,000 for a personal trainer, and $3,000 for a private dance choreographer – all in one month! But all the hard work (and money) is paying off; Britney has dropped 10+ pounds since her trip to Costa Rica back in May!

A source was quoted in Closer magazine as saying: “She limits herself to 1400 calories a day with one ‘cheat day’ where she’ll treat herself. She also changed the way she eats, trying to have only two thirds of what is on her plate. It’s all about portion control and fresh food now. And lots of water in place of Red Bull.”

She has also taken on some of Victoria Beckham’s diet tips, eating plenty of steamed fish and snacking on edamame beans,” the site continues.

James Van Daff, personal trainer for the Pussycat Dolls, trains Britney several times a week in the gym, along with six 3 hour dance classes a week.

The source added: “Britney piled on a lot of weight earlier this year. She was so stressed about the custody case and her medication for her bipolar disorder also made her put on weight. She was tired of being flabby and wanted to do something about it.”

Now, says the insider: “Britney is so proud of herself because her ab muscles are back. She’s feeling better than she has in ages.”

And if she’s happy, we’re happy!

Image: x17online.com

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