8th Album Rumors Slaying Your Life

An alleged insider revealed information about Britney’s upcoming studio album, and fans are gobbling it up like it’s cheese grits in October. Believe or not at your own risk.

– Britney started to meet with her management and record label at the very early X Factor stages to discuss album 8
– They always planned a release in the 4th quarter of 2013
– Promotion performances are supposedly going to happen in October. Britney will not only promote in the US, but also overseas (similar to how she did it with Circus)
– There was some kind of mishap during the late recording processes of Femme Fatale, which made Britney so fed up that she didn’t really care about the material anymore. This time she has full creative control (I’d reckon together with Will.I.Am) and her team is 100% behind her!
– A lot of the songs that she’s written or co-written originally for Femme Fatale are back in the pitch for album 8
– Britney wrote a song together with her sister Jamie Lynn, but Jamie Lynn won’t have a feature on the song. Just writing credits!
– Will.I.Am has only submitted one song himself for the new album, which Britney already recorded. He’s merely working as the executive producer and taking his job very seriously.
– Britney already recorded 5-10 songs
– She is working on material on her own in her home studio
– She requested working with Sia and William Orbit herself. The Sia song is finished, aswell as two songs with William Orbit. She’s going to record even more with him
– The rumour that the first single is called “Feed the Wolves” is just a rumour. However, Brits team got wind of this rumour and ran the title past Britney. She loved the meaning of the title and it’s now the working title for the new album! Britney and Will.I.Am. thought that it fits perfectly to the whole meaning of the new record in being very personal and exactly what people are wanting from Britney.
– Britney and her team are very excited and confident about the new material
– The first single is set to drop in September

– The Sia/Britney song is a melancholy midtempo
– Britney pushed for “Ooh La La”. Her management ran her the request to record a song for The Smurfs 2 Soundtrack and she loved the idea from the beginning. The record label adviced against it.
– No A&R from RCA is involved – this solely relies on Will.I.Am.

Fantasy. Everybody has one.


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