It was on Etalk Daily in Canada. Last year it was only 2.6% who said Britney should win. lol and The highest ever she had was with VMA’s 2000 where she had 18% percent. Now she has 78%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the critic that was there said the reason people like her more is cuz she doesn’t look fake anymore. He said Toxic and Everytime are great but if they no
minate her for MATM she may loose.

He also said Teen Choice awards will be a huge night for britney too, as she always has luck there.

They also said about Britney’s pin up thing that Britney refuses to sign to protect her fortune, they said “either she is the dumbest girl ever, or he is the smartest guy ever.”

thanks Miki — (I did NOT write this, I doubt it is official or even true, but it’s nice to dream huh?

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