Looks like the custody battle is just warming up. Britney gave her deposition yesterday, and is scheduled for part 2 tomorrow at 8:30 am according to TMZ.

K-Fed’s team wants Britney to undergo a 730 evaluation, something Britney has not complied with quite yet: “TMZ has learned Commissioner Scott Gordon has repeatedly ordered Britney Spears to undergo a psychological evaluation but she has refused to comply. We’re told the Commish has issued multiple orders — known as a 730 evaluation. Now, Brit’s family and professionals have devised a plan to get her mental health help in a “creative way.” But given his previous orders, the Commish may not be receptive, and almost certainly K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will object.”

And as for Britney’s deposition, Mark Vincent Kaplan says to TMZ things can’t be easy for the pop star: “We are going over things that are very, very gut-wrenching. Just to revisit them even in your own mind would not be pleasurable. It’s not something anyone would enjoy.”

Round two begins tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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