Britney�s having twins!
But are financial worries taking some of the joy out of her news?

It was supposed to be a routine ultrasound, but the life-changing results left Britney Spears stunned and elated: The �Toxic� singer found out she is pregnant with twins! At a previous ultrasound in May, Britney left believing she was carrying a boy � but the latest checkup revealed that she�s also carrying a girl! �One had been hiding behind the other,� a family friend explains to In Touch.

The surprise has brought Britney and husband Kevin Federline double the joy, but also twice the worry. �She�s happy, but scared,� reports a pal of Britney�s. �She was wondering, �How am I going to breastfeed two, how am I going to handle two?� � Her excitement may also be tempered by a common concern for parents-to-be � money. Although she�s a millionaire several times over, she and Kevin are big spenders. Are they going to have to make some serious financial adjustments in order to provide for their new family?


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