And it’s not even his birthday.

50 Cent Says He's Being Attacked By Britney Fans After Super Bowl Announcement

It’s the Britney Army, *****.

If you know anything about Britney Spears fans, it’s do not mess with the Queen or any of her rumored potential prospects. Rapper 50 Cent unknowingly did just that when he posted on Instagram about turning up at next year’s Super Bowl. Nowhere did he mention the halftime show, which many want Britney to claim (there’s even an online petition urging the Queen to take it on). 50 Cent wrote in his post, “Super bowl 50 is mine ,every party is mine. Don’t miss it. LMAO WE ARE GONNA TURN UP FOR REAL!!!!”

Super bowl 50 is mine ,every party is mine. Don't miss it. LMAO WE ARE GONNA TURN UP FOR REAL!!!! #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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This did not sit well with the Britney Army, who began spamming with references to Britney. Some of the comments include,

“Britney Spears all the way,The ******* Pop Princess. All the ignorant hoes saying Britney is untalented,you guys obviously don’t know a **** about her.”

WTF WE WANT BRITNEY! Prepare yourself for the lowest ratings ever.

None wants to watch you perform you irrelevant talentless *************

This prompted 50 to post a comment, saying “Lol I’m being attacked by Britney fans.”

Do we think 50 Cent is next year’s Super Bowl halftime performer? No. Would we love to see Britney take it on instead? Definitely. Should Britney fans attack 50 Cent if he is in fact the musical guest? Undecided.

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