The Aussie lads talk *** with fans, fleshlights and pose completely ****.


Australian pop-rockers 5 Seconds of Summer have always been seen as a decidedly safe teen rock group. Until now.

UPDATE: Justin Bieber responded to the claims Michael Clifford apparently made within the interview, regarding 5SOS’s attendance at one of his award show afterparties. He deleted the tweets but not before fans screencapped them:

Clifford swiftly responded:


A rather explosive interview and photoshoot with Rolling Stone has the band’s fans in a tailspin, caught between being genuinely shocked by some of their statements and defending the group members they love dearly.

In the interview, 19-year-old Luke Hemmings allegedly gloated about sleeping with multiple fans at a time, mainly after shows and while on tour.

“Hemming says they took full advantage of the attention. They were wildest on their easy tours, when they’d go to bars to mingle with fans after shows. ‘When you put 4 young dudes on a tour bus, playing theaters, then arenas, you’re going to have *** with a lot of girls, I guess, says Hemmings. ‘We had a good time.’ Multiple girls in one night? ‘Feel like I shouldn’t say’ he says with a smirk. ‘You could say the possibility of this is high… the possibilities are endless.”

Fans also expressed distaste with Calum Hood’s quip about getting his girlfriend to star in a *** tape with him, one upping the **** photo leaked of him in 2014:

“It [the **** pic] was kind of a blessing in a way, because nothing that bad could actually happen to me again. If another photo of my d*** came out, it will just be, like, ‘Oh! It’s his d*** again. Now, I’m just working on the *** tape. I’ll call Pamela up, like ‘Hey, it’s been awhile. We really need to hype this band up!’”

Elsewhere in the interview, the writer claims Michael Clifford “proudly” showed off a fleshlight, a male *** toy, and declared “You’ve never used one of these before?”. The **** photoshoot, while old hat for Rolling Stone cover shoots, is also raising eyebrows, as 5SOS is still largely marketed to teens.

The band have so far remained mute about the article currently sending shockwaves through their fanbase, although Michael Clifford did allude to issues with the way the article was written:

The drama currently plaguing the band started earlier in the week, when drummer Ashton Irwin, 21, encountered the ugly side of fame. His personal home address was leaked online and he vented his frustration to one of the many paparazzi that showed up outside his family home:

Luke Hemmings allegedly had his privacy invaded too when pictures supposedly “leaked” by his girlfriend appeared online. She denied the claims on her Twitter:

5SOS started out on YouTube in 2011, before being discovered by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. The Aussie teens were whisked away on 1D’s 2012 Take Me Home tour, ultimately signing to Capitol Records but being managed by 1D and Little Mix’s controversial management team Modest. One Direction partially own the 5S0S name and pocket a percentage of the band’s earnings.

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