5 Seconds Of Summer Announce New Single

July 14, 2015 By Jessica

UPDATED: Pop/punk band uploads cryptic video and countdown to official website; announces new single.



The band have announced their new single, titled She’s Kinda Hot. A reference (or continuation?) from their debut single?

5S shared the single cover with fans a few hours ago:


5SOS kickstart a suspected viral campaign, fandom spirals into chaos.

Looks like the Australian pop/punk band are back in action. It’s been a while…

After being discovered on Youtube by members of One Direction back in 2012, the quartet arrived in style to the tune of the worldwide smash She Looks So Perfect back in February 2014.

Since then, 5 Seconds of Summer have mostly been committed to touring the world for the past year, alternating between a support act for 1D and as their own headline act. They released a few more songs in that time, too, but only one, Amnesia, really impacted (and nowhere near on the level of their debut hit).

Now, it appears the teenage rockers are about to make their second go of things in some form, after a new official website posted a countdown and a strange viral video that appears to hint at some sort of worldwide takeover campaign.

Check it out:

The video is set out like a news broadcast montage, showing the bands logo being erected in all corners of the globe. If you look closely at the various billboards shown throughout, you can see quick shots of the band’s music videos and performances.

Fans are also trying to figure out what “5 On The Wall” stands for – new song or album title, perhaps?

At the time of writing this article, the official countdown shows 11 hours till go time, meaning all should be revealed somewhere around 3AM Australian time…you’d think an Aussie band would be more considerate to their homegrown fans!

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