Co-written by Good Charlotte.


Australian punk popsters debut new single.

It’s here!

After a cryptic social media campaign sent fans into a frenzy, 5SOS are officially back and will no doubt be dominating radio soon with their new track ‘She’s Kinda Hot’.

Check it out:

While the song is probably a bit too 2005 to really slay 2015’s charts, it’s still catchy as hell.

Lyrically, She’s Kinda Hot starts off sounding like an ode to a dying relationship, but it all takes a turn after the first chorus, and the track ends up being more of a “rebel against society” statement song.

Ashton Irwin said of the track:

“It’s not just about a girl being hot – it couldn’t be less about that. It’s the furthest away from that. It opens up the campaign for us and a deep insight what to expect from our album.”

What do you think of 5SOS’s new song?