4’s Company Too

January 13, 2005 By Jordan Miller

The National Enquirer: Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Spears… (OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN! Hey, Kevin, sorry dude. That’s the last time I get it wrong again, bro! I swear, okay?)… when Britney and Kevin Federline arrived for breakfast at Mani’s Bakery in Santa Monica, they were told another couple had been seated at their regular table in the back! Begged Brit: Can’t you move them? No way, said the manager. Annoyed, Pop Tart bopped to the back to check out the “power couple”? and her heart went flippity-flop when she spotted girlhood crush Ben Affleck snuggled cozily with ladylove Jennifer Garner! “You guys took our table,” pouted Britney. Ben’s eyebrows shot up. “Your table?” But he gallantly offered to share, so the newlyweds pulled up chairs and made it a foursome.