How many?!


Adele may be on track for one of the most commercially successful tours of all time.

It would appear that the massive problems with purchasing Adele tickets earlier this week were not a result of failings on the part of Ticketmaster, as first assumed, but instead a result of totally unprecedented demand to see the “Hello” diva live in concert.

Fans took to social media to vent their frustration on Wednesday (December 16) when many waited in online queues for hours only to fail to snag tickets for the most hotly anticipated tour of 2016. Undoubtedly, the rapidly approaching holiday season did nothing to dissuade those hoping to grab the best Christmas present of the year. Ticketmaster have observed today, that it was a combination of the sheer volume of potential concert goers, alongside a huge number of ticket touts and “botting”.

“Botting” – which sounds vaguely sexual, but I have been repeatedly assured is not – is the process of using computer software to bypass the seller’s queuing system, allowing touts to ****** up tickets and resell them on sites like TicketHub for up to 10 times their face value.

How far these touts contributed to the staggering numbers of disappointed fans that are being reported is unclear, but an insider has revealed to Billboard that, “in New York, where six shows went up at once, four million people were in the virtual queue at on-sale.”

Assuming maximum capacity at Madison Square Garden, 6 shows of 18,200 would mean that there were only 109,200 tickets on sale – leaving almost 3.9 million people disappointed.

Also, for context, four million people is almost half the population of New York.

The world truly is Adele’s oyster.