So apparently all the cool kids are posting this poll today, asking fans what should be Britney’s 3rd single. Normally I like to stay objective about topics relating to Britney (hahaha big fat lie), but I’ll go on the record and say I think the 3rd single should be the Bloodshy & Avant produced track “Unusual You,” followed by “Kill The Lights” as single #4 with “Shattered Glass” co-released as an international track. But what do I know?

Britney’s official site posted the poll, but all their comments are like “OMG Britney I LOVE U!!11 I’m from Brazil! kisses! xoxo.” The label needs some actual feedback, so here goes:

Those voting for “Mmm Papi” can X out. Thanks.

PS – I did a poll like this earlier in the year asking what the 3rd single from Blackout should be. “Break The Ice” won. Just saying.

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