Haters gon hate.

Haters gon hate.

Songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, who penned the guilty pleasure pop gem, “Playas Gon’ Play,” by 3LW back in 2001, claim Taylor Swift ripped 20% of that song for 1989 lead single “Shake It Off” and are suing her for a “ton of money,” TMZ reports.

The lyrics in question? “Playas, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate.”

Because those aren’t extremely common phrases, right? Sigh…

Swift’s reps had this to say: “This is a ridiculous claim and nothing more than a money grab. The law is simple and clear. They do not have a case.”

Who in their right mind would sue Taylor Swift? Especially after she recently obliterated the radio DJ in court for the groping case.

Listen to both songs below and let us know if YOU think they sound alike:

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