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Coverney strikes again: find out which existing track might be on Brit’s new album.

Begin to freakout, if you’re so inclined, we’ve been blessed with some potential, maybe-sorta news about Britney’s forthcoming left-lane, artsy fartsy, Iggy Azalea featuring ninth studio album. RCA have registered three theoretically new Brit songs on performing rights organizer, BMI – and one of them appears to be a cover.

Check it out below:

Britney has a long history (read: it happened once before) of taking obscure songs and recording them herself, so we shouldn’t be too surprised by BMI registering her version of Ask Embla’s “Father’s Eyes,” a haunting electro mid-tempo.

The track is a gorgeous, melodic slice of the pop magic that co-writer Ina Wroldsen (one half of Ask Embla) is so well known for. As well as penning the inexplicably underrated Pussycat Dolls “Hush Hush”, pretty much everything UK girlband The Saturdays have ever released, the Norwegian songwriter is also responsible for excellent ‘Femme Fatale’ bonus track, “He About to Lose Me.” Apart from being just a brilliant track, “Father’s Eyes” is the kind of song which would undoubtedly suit Britney’s voice to a t – it’s in her register and Ina has a similar vocal tone to Britney; really, it’s no wonder that this song has been chosen as a contender for album 9.

The two other ‘new’ tracks are called “Forgiven” (written by “Out From Under” creator Shelley Peiken) and “Just Let Me Go,” which is most probably the working title of the “La Isla Bonita” sampling demo we all know as “Love to Love U.” Even if “Just Let Me Go” appears to be from 2007 or earlier, “Forgiven” could certainly be intended for #B9. Chances are, however, we won’t know until the album is released, and maybe not even then.

Even “Father’s Eyes” – which was released by Ask Embla in early 2013 – could theoretically have been recorded for ‘Britney Jean,’ rejected by team Britney and then promptly re-recorded for Ask Embla’s debut record, ‘Northern Lights.’

Basically what I’m telling you is that we know nothing. Whether it makes the album or not, “Father’s Eyes” is a promising first step for Britney’s next project – it has all the features of the left-lane, artsy fartsy record we were promised. And what’s more, it’s just a bona-fide brilliant pop track – God knows after ‘Britney Jean’ we need a few more of those.

What do YOU think of “Father’s Eyes”?


We really do know nothing, check out this bizarre tweet from Ina Wroldsen:

The industry’s a shady place, people – her not knowing that Brit’s covering her track doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Watch this space.