The “3” music video premieres in just 3 DAYS, according to Britney’s label site

Britney posted a message to fans on her Twitter saying her team will release clips and pics of the vid, saying: says:


Day 1: Photo Release
Three never-before-seen photos from the final “3” video will be released via Britney’s official Twitter today – one photo will be sent out every 3 hours. Triple fun that way.

Day 2: Video Challenge
We will release three 5-second clips of the “3” video starting tomorrow morning – one clip will be sent out every 3 hours via Britney’s Twitter. The clips will be sent out of order and will be available as downloadable .mov files on B fans will be challenged to piece together the three clips to form a 15-second video teaser. Now are you game?

Day 3: 3-Day
On Friday, Oct. 30, Britney will Tweet the link of the video premiere for your viewing pleasure. Livin’ in sin is the new thing.”

Check out the second leaked pic:

3 days… clever! Can’t wait!


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