It’s a tough sell.

Minzy’s new EP is a tough sell.

After CL left South Korean girl group 2NE1, all eyes were on her. She managed to produce a couple of fiery hits afterward, but her plan to release a proper album/EP has failed. Her former bandmate Minzy, who departed 2NE1 last April, beat CL to the punch. She released an EP today (April 17) as well as a music video for the lead single, “Ninano” featuring Flowsik.

I haven’t exposed K-pop enough on BreatheHeavy, and this isn’t a good start. Most of the songs on Uno do the job, but they lack the polish from a mainstream 2NE1 hit.

“Ninano” is probably the best cut; a furious dancehall-tinged ditty with big drops and sinister beats. The chorus is infectious as it is sugary, but it goes downhill from there. “ING” is far too processed and robotized to actually enjoy it and “Superwoman” is skip-worthy (a horrible Skrillex knockoff). “Beautiful Lie” is Minz’s attempt at a ballad, and it’s mostly pleasing, but the vocal mastery sounds amateur at best. The standout track is “Flashlight” featuring Korean-American rapper Jay Park; it has a bit of substance and emotion the others annoyingly lack.

It’s a good start for Minzy, but if she wants to become world-renowned, she’ll need to think bigger.

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