Britney was chosen as the icon of Teen People’s magazine latest 25 under 25 list:

Britney Spears- The icon
Kelly Clarkson – The contender
Natalie Portman – The class act
Hayden Christensen – The blockbuster babe
Destinys Child – The Divas
Elijah Wood – The camelon
Lindsay Lohan – The Superstar
Jesse McCartney – The dream boy
Jessica Alba – The next big thing
Ciara – The queen of crunk
Justin Timberlake – The Mastermind
Kirsten Dunst – The pro
Hilary Duff – The power girl
MK & A- The overachievers
Paris Hilton- The scandal magnet
TI – The hustler
Scarlett Johanson – The gifted girl
Ashlee Simpson – The survivor
Jake Gyllenhaal- The real deal
Chad Michael Murray- The heartbreaker
Alicia Keys – The artist
Avril Lavigne – The outsider
Jessica Simposon – Americas sweetheart
John Robinson, Victor Rasuk and Emile Hirsch – The boys of summer
Mischa Barton, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson – The cool cast

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