2018 Cancelled. Cardi B Shuts Down Rumors Of A Lady Gaga Collab

January 10, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Over before it started.

It was over before it started.

Rumor of a Lady Gaga x Cardi B collab started gaining momentum this week, which was very exciting! But Cardi quickly put the chatter to rest. Excitement killed.

How did this come about? Cardi posted a mini-message in an Instagram story that her “biggest dream might come true this month or next,” she said. “Crossing fingers… I talked about this a lot on interviews.”

Apparently Little Monsters were under the impression Cardi has been gabbing about Gaga a lot lately. I need to see the receipts.

That lead to the speculation. One fan Tweeted “Lady Gaga feat Cardi B is coming.”

Cardi somehow caught wind of it (the original Tweet didn’t @ the rapper, so how she saw this is beyond me, but I’m impressed).

“I wish this could be true ….but this is not what I’m talking about,” Cardi said. “It actually have nothing to do with music or business …”

What should you take away from this? There’s no Gaga x Cardi collab… yet.

Gaga, you know what to do.

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