Their comeback is officially on.

Their comeback is officially on.

Aly & AJ haven’t been on the music front for some time now. While Aly got married last year, AJ has been on the film scene working on ABC’s “The Goldbergs.” However, they’re focus is back on the music and their new LP already has a list of collaborators, including Mike Elizondo (Dr. Dre, Eminem) and Ryan Spraker (Weezer). The twosome attempted a reinvention a few years ago when they changed their name to 78Violet and released the melancholy cut “Hothouse,” but they’ve since confirmed they’ll retake their moniker known as Aly & AJ. While figuring out how to resurface, the ladies have revealed they have several projects in the works, including a 10-song record and a mini EP.

“We’re kind of writing three records and making one,” AJ tells NKD magazine. “It’s always smarter to write more material than needed so that all you have to do is narrow it down afterwards.”

She adds: “We’d probably want to make a 10 song record but I think our plan is to find three songs we absolutely love and get those out first.”

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How listeners consume music has changed drastically in the last several years, but they’ll adapt.

“Times have definitely changed and so we’re definitely starting to strategize on how well be streaming and releasing our music,” she says. “Using those types of platforms is probably the most important way to reintroduce ourselves.”

On their musical hiatus, AJ says: “We took a pause for a long time because we just weren’t feeling inspired. There was definitely a sense of writers block going on and we were very fearful of that.”

She adds: “There was also this sense of doubt about whether wed be able to prove ourselves as adults. I think, for a long time, we were definitely our own worst enemy because we were thinking that maybe music wasnt for us anymore.”

Fans are used to their sophomore pop cuts, but their new music will tap into their grown up inspirations: “We’ve actually referenced so many great artists for this past record. Kate Bush has been such a big influence for us. Also, bands like Beach House, St. Lucia and Tame Impala definitely have the sound we love.”

AJ adds, “For me, its just about the sonic energy that you get when you listen to a record and your ears just tingle because you’re so excited about what youre hearing. Thats what Aly and I aim for…We’ve been singing together for so long that its easy to get stuck in this kind of robotic sound so its just about making it fresh again and finding ways to harmonize in a cool way that sounds and feels real to us.

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