Remember when I would make posts of old pictures of britney from like 2001, 2002, 2003, etc? Well, since my internet on my laptop is working again, I will be posting picture updates when I can again. I will be posting some later on so keep an eye out for that. :amuse:

Here are candids from 2002. Hope you like them, and the new New York Post featuring Britney. Exclusive to from

New York Post – October 16
September 9 – Britney At The Four Seasons Hotel In Beverly Hills California
April 12 – Britney At The Four Seasons Hotel In Los Angeles
October 3 – Britney Buying Coffee In Beverly Hills California
January 21 – Britney In Paris France
October 5 – Britney Shopping At Versace Botique In Milan Italy
April 18 – Britney Shopping In Sydney Austrailia
July 31 – Britney And Family At The Venice Beach In Los Angeles

If any links don’t work try logging in to, and if it still doesn’t work after that, let me know and i’ll try to fix it.
<3 Jen Credit:BritneyGlamour

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