We’ll forgive but never forget.

We’ll forgive but never forget.

Yesterday (May 31) marked the 19-year anniversary of when Geri Halliwell A.K.A. Ginger Spice announced she was leaving The Spice Girls.

It’s a day that’ll live in infamy, but for what it’s worth she’s sorry. “I’m sorry about that …?,” she wrote. “everything works out in the end ? , that’s what my mum says! X”

What does she mean? Well, three of the five Spices (Geri, Emma, Mel B) have formed a new band named GEM and have plans to reunite some time this summer to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their debut. They already came out with a song titled “Song For Her” – you can listen to that here.

Make it up to us by convincing Mel C and Victoria Beckham to join the reunion, K?

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