A day after BRITNEY SPEARS filed for divorce, several well-known blogs began posting links to what they claimed was a scene from Britney’s ‘*** tape’ — the tape that was the centerpiece of Britney’s recent lawsuit against US Weekly. The scene, which runs for 19 seconds, features someone who looks a lot like Britney orally pleasuring an unidentified man.

So, is it Britney on the tape or not? Well, no. After hours of ‘research,’ one of the websites that posted the footage determined that the video clip in question is actually just a run-of-the-mill **** clip of an unidentified woman pleasuring some guy. The original version, which runs 49 seconds, was discovered. In it, you can reportedly clearly see that the woman in question isn’t Britney. So you can stop Googling ‘Britney *** tape’ now.

Source: ABC News

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