The Rest Of Madonna's Album Leaked

Time to start over(?).

In the last 24 hours, 14 new demos from Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” leaked onto the Internet (that’s on top of the 13 that leaked in the last week).

Where does Madonna go from here?

The latest spill includes “Back That Up (Do It)” featuring Pharrell Williams, “Body Shop,” “Freedom,” “God Is Love,” “Graffiti Heart,” “Holy Water,” “Nothing Lasts Forever,” “Tragic Girl,” “Veni Vidi Vici,” “Iconic,” “Hold Tight,” “Best Night,” “Beautiful Scars” and “Inside Out.”

You can hear them at Ultimate Music.

According to them, there’s only a handful of songs left that haven’t surfaced… yet.

  • Autotune Baby
  • Hot Tight | Madonna Ciccone, Thomas Wesley Pentz LEAKED
  • Rebel Heart | Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling, Magnus Lidehäll LEAKED
  • Borrowed Time | Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling LEAKED
  • Art of Freedom

  • Best Night LEAKED
  • Beautiful Scars LEAKED
  • Hold Tight LEAKED
  • Tragic Girl LEAKED
  • Graffiti Heart LEAKED
  • Back That Up (Do It) [feat. Pharrell Williams] LEAKED
  • God Is Love LEAKED
  • Nothing Lasts Forever LEAKED
  • Holy Water | Madonna Ciccone, Natalia Kills, Martin Kierszenbaum LEAKED
  • Trust No ***** | Madonna Ciccone, Natalia Kills, Martin Kierszenbaum
  • Score | Madonna Ciccone, Natalia Kills, Martin Kierszenbaum
  • Eye Wide Open
  • Body Shop | Madonna Ciccone, S1, Toby Gad, Maureen McDonald LEAKED
  • Iconic | Madonna Ciccone, S1, Toby Gad, Maureen McDonald LEAKED
  • Inside Out LEAKED
  • Messiah | Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling LEAKED
  • Heartbreak City | Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling LEAKED
  • Two Steps Behind | Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling
  • Wash All Over Me | Madonna Ciccone, Maureen McDonald, Miley Cyrus, Tim Bergling LEAKED
  • Veni vedi vici LEAKED
  • Revolution LEAKED
  • S.E.X.
  • Addicted/The One That Got Away | Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling LEAKED
  • Madonna tells Billboard the premature debut of her album forced her and her team to re-think their promotion strategy:

    Well, it’s thrown us all into overdrive. We’re having to think outside the box. Think on our feet. I didn’t plan to put my record out this way. I wanted to… plan everything in advance. Release the single, shoot a video, start talking about my record. And you know, prepare for the release of the entire album and have everything set up just so. I mean, that’s the kind of person I am. I think that’s the best way to do it. But we sort of were left with no choice.

    Originally I wanted to put everything out together. I have an overabundance of songs, and actually, the reason I wanted to call the record Rebel Heart was because I felt like it explored two very distinct sides of my personality. The rebellious, renegade side of me, and the romantic side of me. In my mind, it was almost like I wanted to do a two-record set. So you get this chunk of songs, and that chunk of songs. That was my original goal. But then all the demos leaked and I can’t really go down that road anymore, so I put out (the six songs) first and then, I think a few more songs are going to come out during the time of the Grammys. Then the rest of the album will just come out together (in March), and they’ll just get my rebellious and romantic side all mixed in together.

    Madonna must be devastated. No words.