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With summer fast approaching, we thought it was best to start thinking about what we’ll be listening to over the coming warmer months.

And I’m kicking you off with a trip down memory lane, highlighting some of the best summer jams from the last twenty years (give or take a decade here or there). Without any further ado, hit play and then see why we’ve chosen these certified bops to get June started with a bang.

1. “All For You” – Janet Jackson

What better way to kick-off the summer than with a bit of Janet Jackson, who’s slated to make her long-awaited comeback sometime this month? As well as being one of her signature hits, “All For You” is one of Janet’s lightest, brightest offerings that makes you feel like you’re strolling down a New York street on a blazing hot day.

2. “Fancy” – Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

You can’t even think about getting this summer going without 2014’s biggest summer smash. “Fancy” dominated the airwaves from June to September last year, hit the top of the Hot 100 and bought Iggy Azalea a place in the big leagues. Its infectious chorus, simple beat and bragalicious rapping will leave you ready to hit one of them fancy clubs in Antigua on the side of the beach, mojito in one hand, dignity nowhere to be seen.

3. “The Hook Up” – Britney Spears

“The Hook Up” is our only album track on the list, but as one of the best deep-cuts from ‘In The Zone’, how could we resist? This jungle infused, hip-hop/dance romp will have you moving from dusk to dawn and featuring one of the most infectious break-downs in Britney’s discography, you’ll bend over and get to it in no time.

4. “Hollaback Girl” – Gwen Stefani

Nothing gets you in the mood for a summer road trip like Gwen Stefani’s clap-back brand of trailer park chic. I can more or less guarantee you that when this song comes on, you’ll be rolling down your windows, getting out of your seats and (very politely I’m sure) teaching passers by exactly how to spell bananas.

5. “Hips Don’t Lie” – Shakira feat. Wycleff Jean

In the mood for something a little more Español? Shakira’s got you covered with 2006’s reggae/salsa fusion “Hips Don’t Lie”. As well as some of those crazy lyrics Shakira’s renowned for, “Hips Don’t Lie” boasts an equally mad rap from Wycleff just to get what’s sure to be a trippy June going off properly.

6. “California Gurls” – Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

Of course if you’re less after the latin vibes of Columbia and you’d rather pay a visit to somewhere a little closer to home, Katy Perry’s serving some home girl realness with her 2010 mega-hit “California Girls”. If donning a foam bra and hanging out with terrifyingly animated candies is your idea of a great summer vacation then “California Gurls” is the one for you.

7. “We Belong Together” – Mariah Carey

And here we have it, one of the biggest summer hits of all time, Mariah’s classic slow-jam “We Belong Together”. No one can write a number one quite like Mimi (after all she does have 18 of them) and “We Belong Together” is no exception… One to cool off to, after a hard day’s surfing.

8. “Genie In A Bottle” – Christina Aguilera

Don’t even try to pretend that when the lights turn down and you’re all alone on the beach you don’t replicate the flawless choreography from Xtina’s debut video. With its Middle Eastern flavors and oh-so-deliciously ‘90s backbone, “Genie In A Bottle” might just be the summer hit you never knew you were missing.

9. “When Love Takes Over” – David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland

A huge club hit in Europe way back in 2009, you might not even have realised what a massive summer smash “When Love Takes Over” really was, but just ask anyone who was celebrating finally being legal in London (okay, yeah, that’s me) and they’ll tell you that this song was everywhere. Say what you like about Kelly’s um, mixed solo endeavours, this masterpiece makes up for all of her missteps.

10. “Just Dance” – Lady Gaga

Maybe not everyone will agree that “Just Dance” is built for the summer, but any song that makes me move like this track does has thoroughly earned its place on our list. “Just Dance” will remind you of a simpler time, before overexposure, broken hips and public feuds – when it really was about the music and not the drama.

11. “Holiday” – Madonna

Then to finish us off, who better than the Queen of Pop herself. No one can throw a party quite like Madonna, and her very first big hit will put you in the mood for the biggest summer shindig you can image. Throw your heels up, get the drinks flowing and let’s take a damn holiday.

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What’s on your summer playlist?