Breathe has reached the 1 million mark. Thanks to everyone who has supported, I really appreciate it, because this is something I love to do. On another note, I just want to make clear that I have made AIM private, so only people on my buddy list will be able to reach me. I am totally over the whole hating vibe that people send my way. It’s hard enough having to deal with the everyday things life throws at me, and I really don’t need people saying: “You NEED to change your layout ASAP,” or “your site *****!,” or “all you care about is hits and you think your such hot ****.” So in order to block out all that crap, i’ve decided to go on privacy. It has become a burden to come online everyday and hear how im such a bad person, from a person ive never met or ever will. And another thing, if any1 hates toward my site or at me in the comments section, you will automatically be banned. LOL now moving on, thanks again to all of my visitors, i really appreciate it, and it means the world to me. So I made a platinum card haha, I thought it turned out cool. anyways, keep coming back for more exclusives and up to date information on britneys upcoming album and video.

p.s. – i know u might be seeing this before the one million mark, but i wont have time to post it tomorrow, and i suspect it will happen sometime tomorrow in the afternoon, have a good day/night!

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