From Crossroads to her stints on How I Met Your Mother, check out 10 times Britney flawlessly acted.

10 Times Britney Spears Aced Her Acting

Is Britney Spears starring in an upcoming romantic comedy?

Britney Spears received negative press from critics for “Crossroads,” but hate aside it scored $60 million worldwide. She impressed fans with stints on Saturday Night Live, “Will & Grace” and a semi-recurring role on “How I Met Your Mother.” Point is: Britney Spears has what it takes to star in a romantic comedy, and according to a new interview from director Sean Mullin, it’s a very real possibility.

In his latest film titled Amira & Sam, Amira sells pirated romantic comedies for a living – an idea he concocted while prepping for his movie with Britney. He says in a new interview:

One of my first screenwriting jobs, I was hired to write a screenplay for Britney Spears, so I worked with her for about a year. In order to prep for that job, I watched every romantic comedy that’s ever been made. There are so many horrible romantic comedies out there, and I learned everything not to do from watching all of those. I did want to take a couple jabs at them. I did think there was something kind of ironic about a character who sells these cheesy kind of movies on Canal St. and is unwittingly caught up in her own love story.

He’s also claimed to mastermind a romantic comedy under her name “about a wealthy, feisty young woman who mocks her infertility by adopting three children behind her husband’s back – only to learn that you can’t put a price tag on true love.”

Britney’s project(s) is either in the works (unlikely) or never got off the ground. Of course we’re dying for a new record from the princess of pop, but we’d also love to see her acting chops in a romantic comedy on the silver screen. To honor what could have been, here’s 10 moments Britney Spears showed off her talent as an actress.

Micky Mouse Club 1995

Who knew Britney’s short-lived recurring role on the Mickey Mouse Club would later rocket her into super stardom? Oh. She did.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1999

One of Britney’s first Hollywood friendships began on Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch. It wasn’t hard for Britney to step into the role of… Britney, but it paved the road for their collaboration together in the “You Drive Me Crazy” music video and we thank them for that.

The Simpsons 2000

Britney lent her voice during a brief cameo on The Simpsons. By the way, Homer and Marge legal separating next season is quite possibly the saddest thing I’ve read all week. Carry on…

SNL 2000

She was still growing.

Crossroads 2001

We couldn’t get enough of Britney after the record-breaking success from “Oops!… I Did It Again,” and thus emerged her starring role as Lucy in Crossroads, a young doe-eyed high school graduate who begins an essential journey of self-discovery with her girlfriends. Right before our very eyes, Britney Spears is not a girl not yet a woman.

MTV Movie Awards 2001

A lot of Britney’s improv involved playing a pop star up till this point, but in her 2001 skit with Adam Sandler for the MTV Movie Awards, Britney swooped in as Sandler’s feisty friend. After Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of Sandler goes sour, Britney jumps in to defend him. Tagging alongside Fallon was co-host Kirsten Dunst, who unknowingly walks into the Britney minefield of disses and quick rebuttals.

Austin Powers in Goldmember 2002

Playing a villainous fembot with the capability to eject weapons of mass destruction from her breasts might not be Oscar worthy, but it certainly gave audiences a chuckle.

SNL 2002

Both men and women wanted Britney’s body in some capacity during her heyday, so it’s only appropriate she strapped on a pair of glittery pink shoes as a plastic glam doll who discovers her mom is Barbie in a skit for Saturday Night Live.

Will & Grace 2006

Britney laid on a thick Southern Louisiana accent and high energy charm for her character Amber-Louise (A.K.A. the ******** lesbian Peg) on a 2006 episode of Will & Grace where she attempts to steal Jack’s job. *****, you spilled my Skittles!

How I Met Your Mother 2008

Britney’s role as a receptionist named Abbey in 2008’s “How I Met Your Mother” was spot-on, but it was her hilarious obsession with Ted and interaction with Barney that urged producers to sign her on for a second episode that season.

What are YOUR favorite moments in Britney’s acting catalogue?