Write For BreatheHeavy

If cleverly writing about pop music sounds exciting to you, please submit your info / resume / questions to breatheheavydotcom[@]gmail.com. Kindly include any sample stories if you have any.

Imagine 365,000+ people a month reading your content. Mind. Blown.(?)

Qualifications, TBH:

  • LOVE POP MUSIC. It should be a passion of yours. Actually, I’d prefer it’s your religion, but I think that request is against the law.
  • Know how to WRITE. Be witty, have a personality; this isn’t CNN. If you have to ask me to clarify, please X out of the page immediately.
  • Know basic HTML. We use WordPress, so that should help. A lot.
  • Social media skillz would be nice.
  • Be FREE to write a couple posts, several times throughout the week, and be snappy about it! Ain’t nobody got time for your two-day late story about Rihanna.
  • Promise your first born to me.
  • I’ll review your content and get back to you within the next week(ish). Or longer. I’m swamped.

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!