“Womanizer” Receives Nearly 3 Million Views In 48 Hours

So I guess just a few of you liked Britney's new music video for Womanizer... I mean, it only got a couple million views in 48 hours!

As of right now (9:14 pm PST), Womanizer has received 1.3 million views on Britney's official YouTube (despite the flagging censorship bullshit) page. Not far behind is MTV.com's director's cut (no flagging involved), with 1,235,380 views since its posting Friday night.

On a poll posted on BreatheHeavy.com yesterday, with more than 15,000 votes, 93% of you said the video exceeded your expectations.

Not bad for a video only a few of you liked (wink wink, nudge nudge). Next mission is a #1 on iTunes when available!