Watch: Will Young’s ’60s Inspired Music Video for “Love Revolution”

Will Young Premiers Music Video for "Love Revolution"

Will Young has dropped the video for the lead '85% Proof' single, "Love Revolution".

Will Young has successfully established himself as a formidable albums artist over the last decade and a half but with "Love Revolution" and its accompanying clip, he may actually have a hit single on his hands.

Check out the MV below:

The visual features Young as a corny '60s salesman, flogging products that are presumably intended to represent the love revolution featured in the song itself. There's big hair, bold colors, neon lipstick and some amazing blue suede shoes, so essentially the clip is composed of everything amazing about the '60s. Will looks great throughout, although that beard adds years to the "Jealousy" star. On the other hand, he does rock a turtleneck surprisingly well so it's all swings and roundabouts really.

It's a memorable and entertaining video, but that's to be expected from Young who has a solid history of excellent music videos. What's perhaps more unanticipated is that the whole affair seems to have hit status firmly stamped all over it. Although the Pop Idol alum is no stranger to some excellent material, his singles rarely feel radio-ready. "Love Revolution" may be extraordinarily retro, but it plays on a sound that's very much in right now (thanks Mark Ronson).

With any luck the video will help the track become the smash hit Will deserves; he hasn't landed a #1 single since 2003's "Leave Right Now".

What do YOU think of "Love Revolution"?