Watch: Kylie and Giorgio Moroder’s First Performance of “Right Here, Right Now”

The performance featured relatively little in the way of choreography, with Kylie's dancers (inexplicably dressed as neon robots) doing most of the heavy lifting. However as always, Kylie looked, sounded and moved flawlessly. Styled out in a bedazzled suit and tie, her simple but stylish steps looked pretty good and her vocals were entirely on point. Indeed, I'd go as far to say that Minogue has one of the most relentlessly under-appreciated voices in pop music.

Moroder was also on hand for a little back-up; he's currently supporting the "Love at First Sight" star on her one-night-only stops across Aus. Giorgio's role appeared to be purely decorative though as he stood behind a set of decks, doing very little apart from occasionally clapping his hands.

Despite not taking-off commercially, "Right Here, Right Now", taken from Giorgio's forthcoming album '74 is The New 24', is still one of the best singles so far this year. It feels contemporary and nostalgic all at once and is a brilliant example of the direction I'd like to see Kylie take her next studio effort in. Luckily, Giorgio has confirmed that he's working on material for the Australian pop princess, alongside Fernando Garibay, who produced all the best bits from Lady Gaga's 'The Fame Monster' and 'Born This Way'. Exciting? I think so.

What did YOU think of Kylie's first performance of "Right Here, Right Now"?