Watch Christina Aguilera Teach Her Online Singing Course


Christina Aguilera says technique is only a quarter of what it takes to be a beautiful singer, but passion and drive is everything.

Last summer, Aguilera announced she'd take her coaching knowledge from The Voice and offer it to the every day peasant by teaching an online singing course through education company MasterClass – focusing on how to improve your singing voice.

“I’m excited MasterClass has given me the opportunity to truly share all I have learned about my craft with the world," Aguilera said in a statement at the time. "Coaching in this capacity not only gives me a chance to connect with my fans but lets me explore one of my true passions.”

The courses arrives in the spring, costs $90 to enroll and includes 3.5 hours of video lessons, interactive exercises, learning materials, and workbooks. You can add your name to the wait list here.

Watch the newly-released trailer for it:

Christina watching the money roll in...

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