Want To Work For Breathe Heavy.com?

Hey guys, I've been really busy this school year juggleing gymnastics 3 1/2 horus a day, along with my preppy private school, and all the homework they give us, plus updating breathe heavy.com. Don't get me wrong, my site is a priority in my life, but... I need some help, and this is where you come in. If you want to work for Breathe Heavy.com, read the requirements below, no exceptions:

1. Have experience with HTML (this is a must)
2. Have AOL instant messenger, and be on frequently.
3. Visit at least 10 other Britney fansites daily to read up on Britney news.
4. Do NOT fade out after 2 weeks, if you want this job, than don't flake out on me.
5. Must update daily for Breathe Heavy.com.

If these rules apply to you, then you can either email me at webmaster@breatheheavy.com or instant message me on breatheheavycom. Thanks for reading, and it's not first come first serve, it's if you're the most qualified.