Vote: Are You Here For Madonna Featuring Miley Cyrus #RebelHeart

The two nipple-loving divas publicly shared their love for one another via Instagram, posting and re-posting art and hashtags of one another (see below).

Madonna and Miley performed together during Miley's MTV Unplugged special earlier this year, plus Madge attended the Bangerz tour. Perhaps, Miley will return the favor for "Rebel Heart," and let's be real... there's no one with more of a rebellious heart in the biz right now than Miley. And by rebellious heart, I mean doesn't give a fuck what anyone else thinks and will do as she pleases - all the while wearing buttcheek baring leotards.

Chanels of light! @mileycyrus ❤️#rebelhearts

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bitch i'm dj tweaker titz @madonna

Een foto die is geplaatst door Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) op

@madonna cuz bad bitchessss iz daaaaa only thanggggg dat we like

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And we won't stop.