Twitter Roasts Troye Sivan For SNL Performance

Troye Sivan
  • wastedideas

    They’re not wrong. He isn’t talented, at all. If he weren’t openly gay, he would have never gotten anywhere.

  • Marc

    Even knowing his videos and music, that performance was all sorts of uncomfortable lol. Not feeling this era either. Why is everyone’s music sucking this year so far? 🙁

  • Jake

    Everything was off with this performance. His hair is a mess; he needs to lose the blonde and get rid of the greasy look. He also lacked personality in his vocals and performance. It really did look like he thought he was being sexy. He should have had backup dancers. I don’t know who’s worse… Troye’s moves or Lorde’s.

  • Nico

    What the eff is this nonsense that I’m reading? This era is flawless so far. Troye has come a long way, he’s getting to know himself more and more, and he’s definitely talented and has something to say. And not everybody can “get” an artist, maybe he’s simply not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. There’s a reason why the gay community IS a minority. Like, in numbers. And SNL is massive. This was basically getting something straight from a gay club to national television. And I’m pretty sure that was Troye’s original intention, because he’s a smart guy and he’s on a mission bigger than himself or his musical career. So this general reaction (really, though? how is this representative of the whole?) doesn’t surprise me. But people are mean when they speak, and that is unnecessary.

    • Zach

      You are A.) the only one here with taste. And B.) couldnt agree more. Im sorry straight people were uncomfortable 😂 whats new…C.) this era is amazing the lyrics have been A grade and production awesome. The artwork has been personal. D.)

  • Rikke

    i cant see what’s so bad about these performances.

  • Detroit1953

    Catch Dua Lipa Feb 3 SNL


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