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Twister Dance: Rave

Britney Spears will go by Molly on her next installment of Twister, called “Twister Dance: Rave.” Kidding, but the new toy is definitely coming for weaves.

Execs in NYC are currently looking for female dancers for the new commercial, which may or may not feature Britney (it better!).

Britney Spears: Twister Dance Rave – TV Commercial. Seeking female dancers for Britney Spears’ “Twister Dance Rave” TV Commercial. This is an explosive dance experience working with people from NYC’s top dance hip hop jazz dance community including Marina Kamen aka MARINA and Britney Spear’s choreographer Lisette Bustamante currently airing on AMC’s “Showville”.

Open Call Date: 6/15 12PM – 2PM
Callback Date: 6/15
Rehearsal Date: 7/7
Shoot Date: 7/8/
Performance Date: 7/8
Location: New York City, NY

Weird that they use her face without any of her music on the packaging! Are you going to get it?