Trust No Bitch: New Madonna “Rebel Heart” Demos Leak

Trust No Bitch:

"Girlfriend, you just did me a favor. I know human behavior. Turn to elevate my shit, oh!"

Alone With You:

"You lied with every kiss / It all comes down to this / Letting go / Didn't you make a convinient exit? I'd rather be on my own / I'd rather be all alone"


"Have time / Your mine / meet me at the bleachers kissing courtside"

Take A Day:

"Take a day with me / get away with me / let's stain the clouds with this glass of wine / can you imagine / hope you don't mind me askin' / take a day with me"


"Angels fly from Heaven / when we fall out of love"

Sure they aren't Madonna's best work, but these unfinished demos further prove how strong Madonna's "Rebel" game was before said artistic rape. They're original, and that's an element she's missed the last several albums. Instead of conforming to what's current in music, Madonna took a leap of faith her sound would create the trends.

These demos are a painful reminder of what could have been.

What do YOU think about the new Madonna leaks?

PS - if the "Rebel Heart" hacker was arrested, who is leaking the new material? Just saying.