“Trouble For Me” Producer Says If Britney Doesn’t Like A Song, She’ll Ask To Use The Bathroom And Actually Leave Instead


  • Jrocka

    Lol gotta love Brit sis just has an ear for amazing pop records only 💁🏽‍♂️


    Lmao. I can totally see that happening.

  • Isobel R

    I love Britney but its difficult for me to connect with this album due to the fact that Britney’s voice is not always featured on some this tracks.

  • Michel

    Sounded a bit shady when he said “so we worked through the night to make her vocals sound as good as they could be – which was great, because she gave us loads of takes.”
    “And, as you know, her sound is very much about vocal production, so we used a lot of tricks.” Is it just me?

    • Jay Alford

      I felt the same way as if they were saying she can’t actually sing or something.

  • Dylan

    Why didn’t she “go to the bathroom” for almost the entire Britney Jean?

    • Saudin

      I almost choked from laughing… So true

  • Michael P

    Im not a fan of this producer blabbing about this process. I know the people get excited that they are working with Brit but I didnt like his commentary on having to do a lot of vocal “tricks” in the studio. we all know Britneys voice, especially lately. how much “studio magic” does she need when we can clearly hear that its her voice when she sings unaided. lol. This producer seems like hes boasting. and “Trouble for me” was ok n all but its no oops, no slave, no hold it against me etc. what homeboy just did to himself is get him banned from the Britney list. Lets see when he gets a call again to work on a Britney track. her team and she, surely is aware of this. lol.


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