Travis Barker Opens Up About Second Solo Studio Album To

Ok...! Tell me about your new solo album? "It'll be the same kind of vibe [as my last album]. Just collaborating with a lot of people. I do all the production, make all the beats... might have a couple guest producers and all my favorite MC's." Who are some of these collaborators? "So far it's Why G, Bad Luck, Problem, Run The Jewels (Killer Mike + El-P, DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia." Is there anyone you'd like to work with on your new record that you haven't yet? "I've been blessed to work with everyone I ever wanted to really. Now, it's kind of like doing it all over again." His entourage begins to head inside the club. I ask him to relay a message to his supporters: "I love all my fans. They're awesome, and I couldn't be here without them." We're about to part ways, but first... lemme take a selfie:

@TravisBarker talks exclusively to about his upcoming solo album! Check it out ASAP #DontKeepMeWaiting

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