Trainer Tony Martinez: Britney Is An Athlete, Gives Britney-Inspired Workout Tips

Britney Spears is in shapeTony's even working on getting Britney to try out surfing, but no matter what the workout entails it seems Britney's always stepping up her game.

“I push her every single time to the limit. I want to make sure that she feels every little thing possible. The thing that makes me mad is she conquers it every single time. She’s like ‘that’s all you got?’"

Britney tells Shape magazine she also does 90 minutes of yoga twice a week, in addition to a lot of cardio–hour long sessions three times a week. "The [Vegas] performances won’t be easy–they’ll be a massive party from start to finish," said Britney. "And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed.”

The "Four B's" include:

- Basketball jump shot against the wall 20 times
- Backwards interval walking on a treadmill at 2.0mph for 1min then walk forward for a min.
- Balancing on 1 leg then with 1 arm doing medicene ball slams
- Bicycle and rotate on the floor mat for her abs 20 times.

“She is so tenacious and determined,” he continues. “She’s doing this for herself because she likes to be in shape, but she’s also doing this for her fans. She wants her fans to know ‘you know? I eat junk food once in awhile but at the same time I do it all in moderation. I eat well, and once in awhile I’ll have a cheap meal here and there.’ Tony says, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“She still works hard, she eats well and you have to live a little bit – you have to do everything in moderation," he continues. "That’s what the whole thing is about in life, and she’s a smart eater. When you’re younger you can eat anything you want... Now over time it catches up, so we have to eat better and work out a little differently (smarter not harder!).”

“She’s a tremendous athlete, and she makes it easy for me.”