Tracklisting For New Brazillian Album [RUMOR]

Rumor is that as compensation for not recieving Do Somethin as a single or video Brazil are going to be getting a instrumenals album, and here is the reported tracklising:

- Deep In My Heart (From BOMT)
- I Will Still Love You (From BOMT)
- The Beat Goes On (From BOMT)
- E-mail My Heart (From BOMT)
- Don't Go Knockin' On My Door (From OIDIA)
- Where Are You Now (From OIDIA)
- What U See (Is What U Get) (From OIDIA)
- Dear Diary (From OIDIA)
- Lonely (From Britney)
- Anticipating (From Britney)
- Let Me Be (From Britney)
- What It's Like To Be Me (From Britney)
- Showdown (From ITZ)
- The Hook Up (From ITZ)
- Shadow (From ITZ)

That's a weird tracklisting, because this songs were never promoted. Let's just wait... thanks