Tinashe Stans Out At Piece Of Me, Britney Responds


Tinashe attended Britney’s Piece Of Me show on Saturday, and documented herself fan-girling the entire time.

The "SuperLove" singer is blossoming into a bonafide super pop star right before our very eyes, and it's in part thanks to Britney Spears. Tinashe, who has mentioned many times in past interviews that the living legend inspires her performances, SnapChatted herself at Piece Of Me, which included shouting: “Work, YAAAAS!,” “Britney I love you! I love you so much!” and “You look so hot!”

After the show, she Tweeted: I saw Britney Spears live tonight for the first time ever... It gave me SO MUCH LIFE Y'all... I just.,. Kaisndnskakaojsnsn," she wrote. “I love you so much @britneyspears. You killed it tonight.”

The freakout made its way back to the pop princess, who gave her stamp of approval.

"Saw your snapchats from the show this weekend @Tinashe 😍 You’re sooo cute!! Loved them & hope you come back soon!"

Tinashe meltdown in 3...2...

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