Tickets To L.A. Show Twitter Contest

September 23 2009, 1:14 pm

Want tickets to Britney's L.A. show tonight?!

Join the search for tix by following Britney's Twitter.

Clues so far:

On Sunday at noon PST by @britneyspears:
Can't wait to get back to LA! I'll be hiding with front row tix to my show on Wednesday. @1027KIIS and I will have clues, so follow!~Britney

On Sunday at 2pm PST by @britneyspears:
I'm making plans on where I'll hide w/front row tix in LA Wed afternoon. Any guesses? Pass to @1027KIIS for first clue tmrw. ~Britney

On Tuesday around 2pm PST by @britneyspears:
Find me 2morrow & I will give u 2 front row tix 2 my show! If it's clear u will c me & The Hollywood Sign. -Britney Pass to @1027KIIS

On Tuesday at 5pm PST by @1027KIIS:
Hey it's Jesse! Excited 4 Britney's Circus Tour 2morrow. B4 the Show she'll be somewhere she's performed b4! Pass to @britneyspears


Good luck!